When does being a mum get easier?

The journey of motherhood is a journey for life. For women who embark on this journey, it is definitely one of the most important and defining parts of their lives. The role of a mother is an immeasurable and endlessly meaningful one. 

Whether you are about to embark on your beautiful journey towards motherhood for the first time or are at any stage of your motherhood journey, one of the thoughts that may have come to mind at some point or another is: when does being a mum get easier? Does it ever get easier? 

As mothers ourselves, let us reassure you with a resounding yes, it absolutely does. Motherhood, as with anything else, gets easier with time. In between the neverending chores of cleaning, feeding, bathing, changing diapers, and experiencing all of your baby’s firsts, your children are also growing up into healthy and intelligent individuals – thanks to you, mommies! 

Growing up inevitably results in increased bodily autonomy. While this gradual increase in independence is understandably the next cause of concern for moms (and truly, when will mothers ever stop worrying about their children? Answer: We don’t.), our children begin to be capable of helping us out with small tasks and cleaning up after themselves. 

Our children learning to express themselves, their needs, and their feelings as they grow up also invariably helps us in making each other’s lives easier. To achieve the best results, we must encourage our children to express themselves in healthy ways, whether it’s a want, a need, a feeling, or something else. 

So, with proper, loving guidance and communication, being a mom becomes more manageable – and perhaps even better – as the years pass. So embrace the sleepless nights, crying, cleaning, and everything in between – these exhausting yet beautiful and joyous first few years are more fleeting than you think. Have confidence in your role as a mother to your children as they grow into capable and wonderful individuals.