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Building a Support Network: Finding Friends as a New Mom

Everyone has advice on what to anticipate during pregnancy, but few people take the time to prepare expectant mothers for the emotional roller coaster that follows childbirth. New mothers will experience a range of complex feelings following their delivery. Yes, joy is unquestionably one of them, as it will feel surreal to have someone so little, who means so much to you, bring you such joy and move you to tears.

On the other hand, you may be confronted with emotions that leave you feeling completely down, leading you to believe that something is wrong with your emotions. However, it’s natural for new mothers to feel this way, and we’re here to tell you why you’ll need a support network during your postpartum period.

Being a new mother is a taxing journey

After giving birth, women are physically and emotionally exhausted. It may be difficult to consider self-care, let alone making time for it. Having a network of support, whether it’s your first, second, or third child, can provide you with the resources you require. It is critical for all moms to recover from childbirth and to have less stressful days since caring for a newborn, producing breast milk, and breastfeeding every 2 to 3 hours takes a lot of energy.

It is particularly important for high-risk moms and babies

All new mothers need a baseline of support – sleep, healthy food, and time to themselves – and there may be reasons for extra care and attention. Preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, heavy bleeding, and caesarean birth are just a few of the conditions that place women at a higher risk for postpartum issues, and it’s crucial to have a support network that always keeps an eye on your well-being and can help you in case of an emergency.

A listening ear for you to express your concerns

It’s no surprise that having a group of supportive friends is crucial to a woman’s happiness and health, especially when you’re a new mom. Up to 80% of women experience some form of the baby blues, and research shows that forging friendships  with other new moms might help make the transition to parenting easier. A social support network may include practical assistance such as babysitting and emotional support, or having someone listen to you when you are having a difficult time.

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