Understanding Postpartum Needs After Childbirth

Now that your new baby has arrived, you might be tempted to focus all your attention on your new bundle of joy. Nevertheless, you should not disregard your own health and recovery as  a new mum.  

New mothers go through numerous changes throughout the postpartum period, both mentally and physically. These include postpartum bleeding and discharge, afterpains as your uterus shrinks back to pre-pregnancy size, hair loss and hormonal fluctuations that could leave you feeling depressed and exhausted. While your body will eventually adjust to your new role, it is important that your postpartum needs are taken care of.

Ensure that you have a postpartum kit that consists of postpartum maxi pads, cooling wipes, peri bottle and pain relief spray on hand; you will thank yourself later. This is essential to keep your personal hygiene in check while you are recovering.

During the first few weeks after childbirth, you’ll need lots of rest, healthy nourishment and assistance. It is always a good idea to stay in a confinement centre during this time to regain your vigour. Professionals at confinement centres will usually provide you with proper postpartum care that will help to ease your recovery process.

A balanced diet comprising nutritional meals will help you to be healthy, energetic and able to nurse your baby regularly while facilitating your recovery. Among others, food rich in proteins like avocados, beans and legumes are best for breastfeeding mothers. Fibre-rich green leafy vegetables, meanwhile, will help to keep constipation at bay. 

Down the road, you will eventually realise that you might need an extra pair of hands when it comes to taking care of a newborn. Most confinement centres offer round-the-clock babycare so that the new mother can focus on revitalising her mind and body. 
In the excitement of caring for your newborn, never neglect your personal health. As a new mum, you too deserve the rest and space to recuperate. For more info, visit www.danaicresenvale.com.

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