The Benefits of Postnatal Massage For Mums

After giving birth, your focus may shift to your new bundle of joy. However, you should not disregard your own wellbeing. In fact, the postpartum period is one of the most essential periods to care for and nurture yourself to ensure full body recuperation. During this time, getting enough sleep and eating nutritious wholesome meals are essential. 

Danai Cresenvale Postnatal Haven offers comprehensive 24-hour baby & mummy monitoring, baby first-aid training for mummies in case of emergencies, nutritious meals prepared by professional dietitians, professionally conducted baby care classes for mummies and many more during this crucial time. This way, mummies can expect to experience a luxurious confinement period.

Much more than that, we will also pamper you with a postnatal massage that will ease and soothe your body whilst enveloping you in a whole new world of relaxation. The full-body massage is dedicated for new mums after delivery and appropriate for those who gave birth naturally or by caesarean section.

The soothing massage is effective in assisting your recovery from childbirth. For one, after giving birth, your baby bump may go down a little. However, it will not return to its pre-pregnancy state right away. Postnatal massage helps to reduce the belly fat whilst realigning the spine and pelvis, resulting in better posture and easing the process of reducing your tummy size.

In fact, postnatal massage can help you to regain your pre-pregnancy figure, especially around your tummy and thighs. The kneading, rubbing and pressing movements of postnatal massage helps you to reduce water retention, improves blood circulation and relaxes the entire body, including the calves, spine, abdomen, breasts, arms, shoulders, neck and head.

Postnatal massage also aids in relaxing stiff muscles caused by improper breastfeeding positions. The massage helps facilitate breastfeeding, relieve engorgement and blocked ducts, which are common issues faced by almost all breastfeeding moms, and encourage smoother milk flow.

Additionally, after delivery, your delicate womb requires extra care and attention to heal from the rigours of pregnancy and labour. Postnatal massage includes a massage of the abdomen to encourage lochia discharge and to aid in the repositioning of the pelvic muscle and abdominal organs. 

Apart from that, as typically your sleep length and quality are likely to decrease after the birth of your child, postnatal massage is excellent for relieving stress, improving sleep and enhancing your mental health.

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